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tree protector

Brief introduction to “Small Boss”

 Researched plastic formulas for 30 years
 Own more than 80 patents
 Own most complete test equipment in Lab. in China.
 High Speed production line.(More than 70 production line)

The Secret to Healthy, Fast-Growing Trees- Small Boss PLANT PROTECTOR

The care you give your trees in the early stages of their growth will affect their shape, strength and life span. In their first few seasons, young trees expend a lot of energy to establish their roots in the soil. They are very susceptible to heat and drought so by following a few easy good practice tree care tips you can provide your trees with the best environment for their growth and ensure they look their best.
The Secret from Small Boss, Small Boss Company has cooperated with European and Mediterranean plant protection organization to design and study it and Small Boss Company has done many innovations in Machine and production process to improve the quality to keep its roundness ,length,density more uniform and unified.
Detailed designs in different sizes:
      Weight:80 gr or more under the Height.
Height: 40,60,50,70,80 and 90 cm (height) under proportional product conditions.
Internal diameter: 8 cm
Double wall .
Fully plain for packing condition.
Quick opening system for use
PP. UV. 3 years guarantee.
       Color is green .
Plant Protector  with holes or  without holes (blind) at bottom side.
Up side of the piece will have an small opening  (to avoid plant cut with profile limit at superior side one time that piece is used).
New material----”Quick opening system” for required product from plain condition
Five different diameters one inside the other.
Five diametersper set.
10 sets per bag
Our Technology team and laboratory
(1) Own most professional plastic formula and extrusion profile team in China.
(2) Own most complete test equipment in Lab. in China.
More than 40 kinds of testing machine
Occupy 50% market in Europe for this products!!!


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